Article in the Versaillais newspaper "All News"

Article on my work by Barbara Tissier in the ARTENSION magazine n ° 135

Publication in the monthly magazine THEN? Magazine of the International Federation of Jewish Communities.

Publication in the Contemporary Art magazine Azart Photographie

Article on the website

Extract from the article: "The photo of Une is by Emilie Chacon who revisits the myth in her own way. Decontextualized from her plastic world, almost naked, she humanizes it to make her" take "the look of a lady, of a bourgeois woman uninhibited and liberated.In addition, at first glance, we do not see Barbie.It is during the 2nd KissCool effect, that we notice that it is Barbie staged.

The color and erased vinyl appearance, a smaller breast than the hottie cagole we were used to, Emilie offers her the attributes of sexuality, endowing her with nipples and other pubic hair. All in the Harcourt Studios style, with the Hollywood aspect as a bonus, but in an "Emmanuelle" version. A great program, isn't it?
But why stop there? She continues her exploration with "La Revenge de Geneviève" (Editor's note De Fontenay), a series of photos where Miss France is in a very bad position facing the terrible Geneviève. A series that shows all the fertile (and tortuous?) Imagination of pretty Miss Emilie. Ah Barbie, since childhood, what do we like to torture you ...

I invite you to glean on her site: she offers us little wonders ... "

Publication in the Art book: L'art du nu (Nude art today tome 3)

A superb Art book, "The Art of the Nude - Nude art today" comes to make a kind of assessment on the subject as a mirror of the diversity of the current artistic practices which go as well, as for their techniques, of painting. to photography or sculpture to digital imagery. As for its theme, this work shows how representations of the nude, with their connotations, their charges, their exaggerations, their repressions, etc., have been, are and will remain, in the body, again and always, not only an inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists, but also the ruthless reflection of the societies that include them. Patou Edition