Numbered and signed edition - 6 ex edition

"Emilie Chacon's photographs develop a universe where childhood continues as a liberating mode of artistic expression. The doll, preferably the Barbie sometimes accompanied by her lover Ken, ensures an imaginary quest where fantasies and desires mingle. The doll is invested through skilfully crafted staging of objects diverted from their original use to explore their dreamlike and playful potentials sources of unusual meanings. In a critical spirit, devoid of naivety, but not without humor and provocation, his scenes reveal the conditioning of our society operated from childhood, insidiously or directly, by learning rules, prohibitions and preconceived ideas. The doll embodies a certain feminine ideal promoted by capitalist society with her busty forms and her eternally smiling face. Adopting the pose of a fantasy reality, she sometimes indulges with Ken in erotic games in provocative nudity. This doll expresses the exploration of a universe where female identity is not subject to prejudice because, in her photographs, desire reigns over play and enchantment can prevail over appearance. . "

Veronique perriol