Numbered and signed photos - Edition of 12 ex

With her Madame Nostalgie series, a series which, for me, has the strongest poetic load, it seems to me that Emilie Chacon has not only seized, as an experienced fabulist, the great moments that generally make up the plot of a fulfilled childhood (first love, happiness, marriage, child, schoolboy, the blackboard, the slate, the schoolboy coming home, the stairs, etc.), but that she has also been able to reveal to us, through the staging of such moments, their share of ineffable artifice - even though the artifice, here, is no longer the one that would impose society on us from the outside (the myth ), but the one who creates, for us, for us, our memory, that is to say, the artifice of nostalgia or, to be more laudatory, the artifice of poetry.

Frédéric-Charles Baitinger